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Darlene Jaeger (Anderson)
Janice (and Bill) MacDonald (Arnold)
Linda (and Frank) Richards (Badger)
Jim (and Celia) Beckett
Mayree Beckett
Maureen Meilleur (Bell)
David (and Karen) Bogucki
Judy Spencer (Bradford)
Judi (and Dave) Harrington (Bross)
Steve Brown
Joanne Bruno
Donna Conant (Carmichael)
Alan Carlos Champie
Bill (and Patty) Church
Dick Cline
Susan (and Pat) LeCocq (Coan)
Tim Coglon
Marilyn (and Stan) Zahler (Connelly)
LeRoy (and Elva) Cooper
Nancy McFarlane (Copas)
Larry Cramer
Jim Deaton
Ron (and Cheryl) Dillon
Jackie (and Nancy Dane) Seymour (Dow)
Ben (and Patricia) Drinkwater
Molly (and Lee) Tripp (Edmonston)
Bev (and John) Hall (Ehlers)
Fern Schut (Fey)
Chuck (and Janet) Findley
Kathleen Beam (Fletcher)
Frank (and Karen) Freshwater
Bobbie Dahlin (Gaffney)
Elaine Dalke (Goehner)
Elaine (and Delbert) Dalke (Goehner)
Mack Graves
Gary Gray
Jon (and Judith) Greene
Jerry Halvorsen
Kathy (and Ben) Eakin (Hammett)
Jeannie (and Wayne) Baker (Harrington)
Mark "Bear" Hartness
Jim (and Margaret Ann Lee) Harvison
Mike Havnaer
Sandra Bentley (Herman)
John Howell
Linda (and Joe) Prine (Jackson)
Gene (and Juanita Wilbur) Jennings
Stan (and Karina) Jochim
Mary Shuford (Johnson)
Molly Barrett (Jones)
Margaret Eddy (Kelso)
Corwin (and Marianne) King
Miriam Rosenkranz (Kishi)
Ken (and Carol) Kocher
Dick (and Mary) LaFortune
Jean (and Richard) Mizell (Larson)
Doug Layfield
Sally Whitney (Leiendecker)
Eva (and Glenn) McLean (Lund)
Kathryn Kendall (MacIntyre)
Judy (and Bob Vorce) Lippert (Marsalis)
Bonnie (and Pat) Mudd (Marshall)
Joanna Butchart (Mathson)
Norm( And JoAnn) McCarthy
Ray McCaw
Linda Lampman (McKaughan)
Gary McNeice
Maurice Meilleur
Nealy (and Loy) Moore
Mike Moriarty
Mike Nixon
George (and Pam) Olsen
Dave And Karen Edgar Palmer
Susan (and Jack) Sears (Parker)
Ken (and Ginny) Peyrollaz
Loren (and Ethel) Price
Sky (and Donna Speer) Records
Patricia (and Michael Ovens) Hagel (Richardson-Ovens)
Dale (and Mary Ann) Robinson
Dan (and Barbara) Sanford
Stan (and Verna Brown) Schafer
Vicky (and Bill) Shapiro (Sims)
Charlene (and Todd) Druse (Smith)
Marilyn (and Jan) Davis (Smith)
Mary Anne Jones (Stewart)
Chad Stoddard
Suellen (and Gail Fossage Stevens) Fossage (Terrell)
Carol Thompson (Turner)
Jo Ann (and Dennis) Fielding (Van Kirk)
Bob Whitney
Alfred (and Elaina) Wight
Steve (and Lois) Wight
Ralph (and Margie) Winters
Patsy (and Delbert) Long (Wolfe)
Jan Mayfield (Yeager)
Total 95